3 most important players on the LA Chargers who are not starters

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The LA Chargers have not struggled with star power in recent years as the team has some of the best players in the league at their respective positions. One main issue for the team in recent years has been the depth of the roster, which is something that has been addressed over the last two offseasons.

The Chargers have a much deeper roster as the team heads into 2022 than in years past. Some positions don't even have concrete starters with their instead being multiple great options that will split time. Tight end and the WR3 spot are two examples of this.

However, there are still bonafide starters and bonafide reserves. Some of these reserves will end up being immensely important, though, and could be more important than starters at other positions.

Here are the three most important non-starters on the LA Chargers:

1. Kyle Van Noy

The LA Chargers signed Kyle Van Noy after the 2022 NFL Draft and it was a very savvy move by Tom Telesco and Brandon Staley. The team did not drat any EDGE depth in the draft and instead turned to a multiple-time champion who will add a great presence.

Barring a massive jump from Chris Rumph, Van Noy is slated to be the EDGE3 in LA next season and he is going to play a big role. Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack cannot play every down and having a veteran like Van Noy to back them up is great. Plus, he allows the Chargers to get more creative on the offensive line, opening the door for Bosa or Mack to rush the interior against a guard.

Van Noy can also play in the box and while he will likely do some of that in 2022 he will spend most of his time on the edge making a difference as the team's no. 1 rotational player.