3 Chargers whose production will take a step back in 2022

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The LA Chargers have a lot of talent on the roster heading into the 2022 season that is going to be made even better if certain players breakout and reach that next level.

However, for every player that makes that leap and reaches a new level, there is typically a player who sees a hit in their production. It is the natural life cycle of the NFL and there will be players who do not produce next season as much as they did in 2021.

In some cases, it is a good thing as that means there is more help around them. In other cases, it is natural regression for a player who is getting older. Regardless, there are three Chargers, in particular, who fit this billing.

The 3 Chargers whose production will likely dip in 2022:

1. Austin Ekeler

This is an example of it being a good thing. Austin Ekeler had a phenomenal season in 2021 in which he reached the endzone 20 times for six. That is not normal for a running back to do as he cemented himself as one of the best backs in the game and perhaps the best dual-threat back.

Brandon Staley and the coaching staff were careful in not trying to overwork Ekeler that way he could stay healthy for a potential playoff run. However, Ekeler still had to play a fair amount of snaps out of necessity with a weak running back room behind him.

That is what makes Isaiah Spiller so important this season as Spiller's success will directly correlate with how much Ekeler is on the field. Regardless, the Chargers are likely going to be a really good football team next season so Staley and co. can be even more conservative with how they approach Ekeler's workload.

It will still be a good year for Ekeler and he will still play like one of the most talented running backs in the sport. His numbers will likely just go down and should go down by design.