Chargers cut the biggest standout from the 2022 preseason

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Chargers have to narrow the roster from 80 players all the way down to 53 players on Tuesday, prompting a wave of cuts that started as early as Monday.

There is quite a bit of talent on the Chargers roster and with several standouts from training camp, there are naturally going to be talented players that miss the cut. However, there are certain players that seemed like no-brainers to make the roster that still didn't get the job.

The best example of this is wide receiver, Michael Bandy. Bandy was easily the best receiver during the preseason games and even played well in the team's joint practice with the Dallas Cowboys when the first-team starters were playing.

None of that matters as the team (predictably) cut Bandy on Tuesday. As great as he has been in the preseason, other decisions the Chargers have made with the roster made it quite clear that Bandy would not be getting a roster spot to start the season.

The LA Chargers cutting Michael Bandy will come back to bite.

There are some fans that are downplaying the Chargers' decision to cut Bandy. Yes, he would have been the WR6 on the roster and yes, it is not like preseason competition is the hardest competition to face.

That being said, there is no such thing as having too much depth and now the Chargers are essentially committing to running five wide receivers once again. What is even more frustrating is the depth the team has chosen to prioritize over receiver depth. Bandy would have had a far bigger impact on the team than Easton Stick is going to have as the QB3.

With how Bandy played, it would be shocking if he goes unclaimed and is able to sign with the Chargers practice squad. There should be a team out there that is thin at receiver that will bring Bandy in to see what he can do in their offense.

It has become a bit of an internet meme, but Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots do make a lot of sense for Bandy. New England was already thin at receiver and is dealing with injuries, making the position a pressing need.

And as many have pointed out countless times, Bandy just feels like the perfect Bill Belichick weapon that he elevates from being an unknown. Chargers fans should be extra frustrated if Bandy goes to New England as we will likely see the best of him come out.

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The hope for the Chargers is that the team does not need to use or rely on a WR6 and this decision won't even matter. However, injuries are unavoidable in the NFL and if the Bolts have to call the number of someone else then this decision will be rightfully scrutinized.