Final Chargers 53-man roster prediction for the 2022 season

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The LA Chargers are officially through the preseason and the next time that fans see the team in action will be in Week 1 against the Las Vegas Raiders. Before then, the Chargers have to make a decision on 27 players, trimming the roster from its current number of 80 all the way down to 53.

There were some training camp and preseason standouts that make trimming the roster down very tough. Making it harder is the fact that most of the roster was already cemented heading into the preseason with very few spots left to battle for.

Prior to training camp, we put out our initial 53-man roster prediction and for the more part, that prediction is fairly similar to the updated prediction with the benefit of hindsight. However, things have certainly changed and some players simply miss the cut.

Final Chargers 53-man roster prediction for the 2022 season:

Special teams players: LS Josh Harris, K Dustin Hopkins, P JK Scott

Before diving into the meat of the roster, the three players on special teams are worth acknowledging. This has not changed at all during camp as the Chargers re-signed Hopkins after a solid 2021 season and brought in All-Pro long snapper Josh Harris.

JK Scott has shown more potential than expected in the preseason as he has been booming punts with elite hang time. If Scott can carry that over into the regular season and the punt coverage can naturally get better with the starters then the team could be in good shape in the very few times that it punts this season.

There is not much to write about when it comes to these three players but there is plenty to write about with the rest of the roster. First, let's dive into the offensive side of the ball.