What to expect out of each LA Chargers rookie in 2022

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
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Ja'Sir Taylor
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Ja'Sir Taylor and Deane Leonard: Special teams roles

The LA Chargers took back-to-back cornerbacks late in the 2022 NFL Draft and fans should not expect them to play much on defense in 2022. Of course, there will be times in which Ja'Sir Taylor and Deane Leonard do play, but they are merely depth options.

The cornerback depth last season was atrocious and Brandon Staley wanted to ensure that he could draft guys that at least fit his mold for what the position should be. As a result, the team drafted two guys who are very athletic and can make plays on the ball but are raw and need developing at the NFL level.

In year one the Chargers are going to utilize the athleticism possessed by both Taylor and Leonard on special teams, likely on kickoffs. If just one of them can make a big play on special teams that results in a takeaway it would be a massive W for the Chargers.

Zander Horvath: Replacing Gabe Nabers

The Chargers picked Zander Horvath for a reason: so no other team could work up a UDFA deal with him. The team's last pick in the 2022 NFL Draft is a freakishly athletic back who can do everything Gabe Nabers can do and more at the fullback position.

Fullback may not be as important today as it once was but some of the best offensive teams in the league still utilize a fullback in their offensive. The Chargers certainly utilized the H back a lot last season with Stephen Anderson doing a good job in that role when Nabers was injured.

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Horvath will most likely replace Nabers and be that hybrid fullback that can line up anywhere in the backfield, whether it be as a traditional lead fullback or as an H back.