4 notable Chargers who are entering contract years in 2022

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There is a lot of talent on the LA Chargers' roster heading into the 2022 season and some of that talent is going to be elevated by the fact that they are in contract years. Contract years also seem to give players a little bit extra juice as they are playing for their next payday. Just look at Kyzir White, although he did not get that big of a contract.

Overall, there are 16 players on the Chargers who will be unrestricted free agents following the 2022 season. Most of those players are depth pieces with a quarter of the 16 being notable. These players are entering the most important year of their careers as they are hoping to secure the bag next spring.

4 notable Chargers who are entering contract years in 2022:

1. Derwin James

The most notable of them all, Derwin James is set to be a free agent after the 2022 season and you know that the Chargers are going to do whatever they can to keep him around. There is still the possibility of the Bolts signing him to an extension before the season begins.

While James is undoubtedly one of the best safeties in the game and is hugely important to the team, it is hard to blame the Chargers for being cautious in signing him before the 2022 season. After all, James has almost missed as many games as he has played in four years and his injury history extends to college as well.

If James can stay relatively healthy then he is going to get a blank check after the season with no questions asked. While some fans may want to just lock him up before the season to risk him leaving, it is better for the long-term future of the team to wait for this season to play out.