Latest right tackle signing proves why the LA Chargers did not sign one

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The LA Chargers had an extremely busy offseason that resulted in one of the most talented teams in the entire league. This was by far the most aggressive offseason of Tom Telesco's career and excitement around the team is at an all-time high.

There was just one need that the Chargers did not address in the offseason: the right tackle position. Right tackle was a roster need heading into the spring and the team did not address the position at all.

The Chargers could do something like start Jamaree Salyer or Brenden Jaimes at left guard and kick Matt Feiler out to right tackle but it does not appear that is the team's intent. Instead, the job seems to be a competition between Trey Pipkins and Storm Norton with a lot of positive buzz around Pipkins.

Faith in Pipkins is one reason why the Chargers might not have signed a right tackle this offseason but that is not the only reason. The market was thin and as a result, guys were getting overpaid for what they truly brought to the table. That is on full display with the latest right tackle signing, as Riley Reiff secured a lucrative one-year deal with the Chicago Bears.

Reiff was the best option currently available but it is not like he is an amazing tackle. To get 10+ million this late in the offseason is a bit absurd, especially for someone whose ceiling is a slightly above-average tackle.

The Chargers were right to not overspend for a tackle this offseason.

Don't get me wrong, there still were some options the team could have explored. Morgan Moses signed a three-year, $15 million contract and that would have been manageable for the Bolts. My personal favorite, Cornelius Lucas, signed a two-year, $6.5 million deal as well.

It is not like Lucas or Morgan are elite tackle prospects, though. Moses is solid but still allowed 49 pressures last season. Lucas is a versatile player who has not gotten a full-time starting job at right tackle yet in his career.

At that rate, those options are only marginally better than Pipkins and won't be better if Pipkins ends up proving the team right with his play. With so many extensions coming up in the likes of Derwin James and Justin Herbert shortly thereafter, locking into a multi-year contract for an average right tackle is not the move.

Instead, the Chargers are better off giving Pipkins a chance, providing all the help they can in the blocking schemes (something they can do with so much talent around Pipkins) and then addressing the position next spring if Pipkins does not prove the team right.

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I would much rather have Pipkins for the year and then the Chargers take another first-round offensive lineman rather than commit to an average right tackle in a multi-year deal, especially after what happened to Bryan Bulaga.