3 reasons why the Chargers will win the AFC West in 2022

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3. The Denver Broncos lack the depth and continuity

The Denver Broncos are easily the biggest challenger to outlast the LA Chargers for the AFC West crown this season. Denver made a massive improvement at the quarterback position and has a talented roster that is absolutely good enough to win the 12-13 games required to win the division.

However, there are some things that the Chargers have that the Broncos don't and that very well could be the difference in winning the division. After all, it is probably going to come down to the last week of the season with how talented this division is.

The Chargers have depth (something that the front office focused on this offseason as the depth last year was poor) and they have continuity. There is actually a really good trend with quarterbacks and coaches entering their second year together, which is promising for the Bolts.

Denver does not have that continuity as they are bringing in a new quarterback who, quite frankly, has underwhelmed in the last year and a half, and a new head coach with no prior head-coaching experience. That absolutely does make a difference.

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The depth in Denver should be a concern for the team as well. While injuries will obviously hurt every team's chances of winning the division, Denver is perhaps the most susceptible to letting 1-2 key injuries completely derail the season. This is an issue that the Chargers have had in past years as well.