3 best backup quarterback options for the Chargers this offseason

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1. Cooper Rush

Kellen Moore is the entire reason why this partnership makes sense and he could be the one that pulls this off. We absolutely could see Cooper Rush follow his offensive coordinator to the Chargers if he is not getting any chances to compete for a starting job elsewhere.

Recent comments from Jerry Jones seem to indicate that the team is not going to bring back Rush, opening the door for him to become a Charger. While some other teams may offer him marginally more to be a backup, the connection to Moore could be enough to convince Rush to sign for slightly cheaper.

This would be a perfect signing for the Chargers for two reasons. First, he has experience with Moore and his offensive philosophy and would help bridge that gap for Herbert. He may not be a veteran like Daniel, but having that familiarity in the room is huge.

It is huge if Rush has to step in and quarterback the Chargers for a short amount of time as well. Rush had to do that for the Cowboys in 2022 and he did quite well. Dallas went 4-1 in the games Rush started and while he himself was not amazing, he did enough to help the Cowboys win and not lose them those games.

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This is by far the best backup quarterback situation the Chargers could have for 2023 and it might be the most likely one as well.