3 Chargers who are locks to make the Pro Bowl (and 2 who aren't)

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Lock: JK Scott

Yep, we are talking about the punter. There are a lot of good punters in the league and it might be silly to say that JK Scott is a lock to make the Pro Bowl this season. While he might not be a household name, he has put together a great season for the Chargers punting the football away.

Scott has been at the center of a rebirthed special teams unit for the Chargers this season. Bringing in Ryan Ficken has been incredible for this football team and has turned one of the worst teams in the league at special teams into a respectable one.

If anything, this also shows the importance of good coordinators. If the Chargers are not going to go a different direction at head coach in the offseason then they have to change it up with the coordinators. If not, they are just accepting more disappointment next season.

Scott's average punt distance is not up there with the best in the league but that is not what makes him great. It is his ability to get the ball in the air and keep the other team from returning it. Scott has the second-fewest total return yards in the league on his punts with the fewest going to Michael Palardy, who has punted just 16 times.

In Scott's 49 punts this season he has pinned his opponents inside the 20-yard-line 20 times. That is incredible efficiency for a punter and has really helped the Chargers win the field-position battle in certain matchups this season.

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Returners don't even try to return it against Scott, either. The Chargers punter has the third-most fair catches on his punts this season behind Tress Way and Corliss Waitman. They have punted 66 and 72 times, respectively.