3 Chargers who are locks to make the Pro Bowl (and 2 who aren't)

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Not a lock: Justin Herbert

There is no denying that Justin Herbert is good enough to be in the Pro Bowl as he is one of the three most talented quarterbacks in the league. However, the Pro Bowl nod does not simply go to the most talented quarterbacks, it goes to the quarterbacks who have had the best season. Herbert has still had some eye-popping play, but statistically, this is not his best year.

It is not really even Herbert's fault either as the deck has been completely stacked against him this season. He had to deal with busted ribs that obviously hindered his play for six weeks while dealing with the worst pass-catchers (because of injury) in the entire league.

Sprinkle in an offensive line that has been falling apart as the season goes along and a play-caller who does not adjust nor play into Herbert's strengths and you have the perfect storm to derail a quarterback's season. Herbert is still playing well but all of this has put him a notch below his competition.

Granted, Herbert may end up getting in as one of the AFC quarterbacks ahead of him might be in the Super Bowl. There is also the chance of guys simply not wanting to go out and play in the Pro Bowl. But as it stands right now, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Tua Tagovailoa have all had better seasons than Herbert.

And no, Emmanuel Acho, that does not mean Tua is better than Herbert. Swap Herbert and Tua and the Dolphins would be the no. 1 seed in the AFC while everyone would be calling Tua a bust in LA.