Chargers fans go to war with NFL pundit after schedule change

Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals / Norm Hall/GettyImages

While this season has certainly had its ups and downs, Chargers fans are still one of the most diehard fanbases in the sport. They often get a bad rep for not showing up at games, which is a tired and played-out narrative that no longer makes any sense. Just go back and look at the Arizona Cardinals road game from Week 12.

The Charger with the biggest undying support from the fanbase is quarterback Justin Herbert. Herbert has been a blessing for the Chargers as he sets new marks for a young quarterback every time he steps on the field. The Bolts went from a Hall of Fame quarterback to an elite quarterback.

Herbert has been near-universally loved since coming into the league. However, despite putting together elite numbers and jaw-dropping plays, Herbert has gained one notable hater: Emmanuel Acho. Acho has taken an anti-Herbert stance in favor of Tua Tagovailoa, calling Herbert a "social media quarterback".

Chargers fans have already been going to war against Acho for his comments and now that war will be on the grand stage. The NFL announced on Tuesday that the Chargers-Dolphins game in Week 14 would be flexed to Sunday Night Football. Naturally, Acho was excited about his narrative while Chargers fans already started the smack talk a week early.

Whatever happens, Emmanuel Acho won't relent on Justin Herbert and the Chargers.

This game is kind of a lose-lose for those that want Acho to stop bashing Justin Herbert. It does not matter how well the two quarterbacks play, if the Dolphins win this game then that is going to be the narrative that Acho runs with on Monday morning.

Herbert could throw for 300 yards and three touchdowns and Tua could play horribly but if the Dolphins win that will be the only thing that Acho focuses on. Acho doesn't take the entire situation into perspective and merely uses wins as his lone argument for Tua (who has been playing well this season in a much better situation).

If the Chargers win then Acho will call it just one game and point to the records. He will point out the fact that Miami has a better overall record and that Tua has a better career record. It does not matter what happens, Acho will have a slant to disparage Herbert.

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Because let's be real, this take by Acho is merely to gain engagement and get more eyeballs on him. And here we are, giving him the engagement that he wants.