3 Chargers players to watch in the first preseason game vs Rams

The game may not count, and some starters may not play, but there are still some players to pay close attention to.
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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The LA Chargers play the team's first (unofficial) game of the 2023 season on Saturday against the LA Rams. After weeks of making highlight plays in training camp, the Chargers will play in front of fans for the first time in seven months.

Preseason outcomes do not matter at all and most of the familiar faces that are on the Chargers roster will not even be playing in this game. That being said, there are still some impact players that will suit up and deserve to be watched with a close eye.

Chargers fans should watch Quentin Johnston

The 2023 first-round pick is already turning heads in training camp and makes up what looks to be one of the deepest Chargers receiver rooms in recent memory. With no prior NFL experience under his belt, Quentin Johnston should definitely see some playing time in the first preseason game of the year.

Johnston is projected to be the WR4 on the depth chart right now as he and Joshua Palmer battle for the WR3 role. However, Palmer was injured in practice on Thursday, so Johnston may instantly be thrust into a bigger role than the Chargers envisioned off the bat.

Regardless, it will be great to see how Johnston's speed and athleticism match up at the NFL level, even if it is only for one series. He won't have Justin Herbert under center to throw him deep bombs but he should still thrive if his college teammate Max Duggan is throwing him passes.

Like Palmer in his rookie year, Johnston may end up being the most productive offensive player for the Chargers during the preseason. That is, unless a running back takes that honor instead.