Chargers pitched to sign former division rival by Pro Football Focus

PFF wants to see the Chargers bring a former rival back to the AFC West.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Chargers did not have the same headline-grabbing offseason in 2023 that the team did in 2022. Not every offseason can be full of massive moves and this was a relatively quiet offseason for the Bolts.

That does not make it a bad offseason, though. While not every decision was perfect, the Chargers still put together a solid spring that saw most of the important players return to the roster. It is very clear that this team wants to run it back with a better offensive coordinator and hopefully, better health.

It appears that the Chargers are done making any moves with the roster at 90 players but anything can happen. Holes may arise during training camp and the Bolts may suddenly be scrambling for free-agent help on the market.

If so, Pro Football Focus has pitched just the player that the Bolts should be pursuing. In a recent article that gave one move for all 32 teams to make, Brad Spielberger pitched the idea of signing former Broncos offensive lineman, Dalton Risner.

"Risner may very well prefer landing a starting gig, but perhaps the Chargers could sell him on the chance to play his former team, the Denver Broncos, twice a year. He also fits well in a very pass-heavy offense, which figures to be the situation under new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore."

Chargers pitched to sign Dalton Risner in free agency

Dalton Risner certainly would be an interesting addition to the Chargers roster. Risner has been far from a perfect player in his NFL career as the interior offensive lineman has struggled at points. However, for the most part, Risner has been fine against the pass rush, he just struggles in the run.

The Chargers are not looking for a starting offensive lineman as the current group is currently locked in for the next five years. That being said, it is never a bad thing to add more depth to the roster. Injuries are inevitably going to happen throughout the course of an NFL season and the offensive line is typically one of the most taxed position groups.

The Chargers do have some solid depth options on the interior offensive line but there certainly could be more help. That is especially true as it appears that the team is not very high on Brenden Jaimes, who was just taken in the fifth round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

When it comes to the depth options available, Risner is one of the best. His struggles against the run would not help the uphill battle that Austin Ekeler already faces running between the tackles. But it would still be far better to have an experienced option like Risner rather than some camp standout that has not proven anything.