3 free-agent do-overs for the LA Chargers from 2023

Hindsight is always 20/20 and the Chargers would probably go back and change these decisions.

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The LA Chargers did not have a headline-grabbing offseason in 2023 like the team did the year prior but it was still a solid offseason nonetheless. For the most part, the Bolts were able to bring back the most important members of the 2022 roster and minimize the losses where they could.

It was a really good offseason but it was not a perfect offseason. Granted, a perfect offseason is impossible and using hindsight months after the fact is easier than being in the weeds during the offseason itself.

Members of the Chargers' front office also have the benefit of hindsight. Tom Telesco and co. definitely wish they could have some do-overs with certain decisions made during free agency.

Chargers free-agent do-over No. 1: Re-sign Drue Tranquill

Drue Tranquill signing with the Kansas City Chiefs was the most polarizing move of the offseason. Not only were fans unhappy with him signing with a rival but it also caused a massive game of he-said, she-said about which side really gave up on the other between Tranquill and the Chargers.

The full truth may not ever be out in public but one thing is for certain. Tranquill signed an extremely cheap contract with the Chiefs ($3 million with incentives) and the Chargers have one of the worst linebacker rooms in the sport. They could have afforded to bring Tranquill back, and quite frankly, should have.

Adding Eric Kendricks helped cushion the blow of Tranquill leaving but there is also the very real change of the veteran linebacker regressing hard because of his age in 2023. The best situation for everyone involved was re-signing Tranquill and the Bolts opted against it.