The 3 worst moves the Chargers will regret from 2023 offseason

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3. Drafting Max Duggan in the seventh round of the 2023 NFL Draft

Some Chargers fans are going to roll their eyes at this. I understand the sentiment. In the grand scheme of things, this is just a seventh-round pick and most seventh-round picks don't amount to anything anyways. Plus, Brock Purdy breaking out last year has convinced many people that seventh-round QBs have more value than they really do.

There are a few reasons why the Chargers could come to regret this move. First is the fact that whether it be another seventh-round pick or a UDFA the Chargers could have taken, there will naturally be a few players that fans will look back on as could-have-been Chargers if they didn't take a third-string quarterback in the seventh round.

The second reason why the Chargers could regret this, which is the main problem with the pick, is what it entails for the roster. Many would argue that Duggan is a better backup option than Easton Stick. Sure. But using draft capital on Duggan instead of signing a UDFA indicates that he isn't just a camp body. The Chargers may run three QBs on the active roster again.

Some teams do that and it is fine. Other teams do that and waste a roster spot on a third quarterback who doesn't play just so they can purposefully be thin in other areas (see: Chargers, 2022). Do you know what would have been better than a third quarterback last year? A sixth NFL-caliber wide receiver.

Don't let Brock Purdy fool you. Most late-round quarterbacks don't work out and if the Chargers are down to their third-string quarterback there is probably a really good chance they won't win much of anything regardless.

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