4 most underrated moves by the LA Chargers this offseason

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4. Flipping two seventh-round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft for a sixth in the 2023 NFL Draft

This is such a small move so it might not seem like a big deal but it was really savvy by Tom Telesco. The Chargers traded their second-round pick as well as next year's sixth-round pick to the Chicago Bears for Khalil Mack.

However, before the third day of the 2022 NFL Draft kicked off the Chargers and Bears made another trade with the Bolts trading two of four seventh-round picks they had to Chicago for the sixth-round pick that they originally traded.

So the Chargers essentially were able to trade for Khalil Mack with a second-round pick and two seventh-round picks. That is a great price for someone who could come to LA and return to being a Pro Bowler in 2022.

Not only is this a great move when we look at it through the lens of Mack but is simply a good move when it comes to roster building. Those picks would have cost salary-cap space and the Chargers, knowing that they wanted to make signings like Bryce Callahan and Kyle Van Noy after the draft, wanted to open up more room.

Plus, the roster is already so large that using those seventh-round picks may have just been a complete waste. Instead, the Chargers packaged them for a better pick next year that will mean more with the roster being much smaller next offseason.

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This is an example of a trade that simply makes sense no matter how you look at it if you are the LA Chargers. If the team manages to hit a home run with that sixth-round pick next year then it will be even better.