4 most underrated moves by the LA Chargers this offseason

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The offseason is essentially complete for the LA Chargers and now that we know what the team's schedule is for the 2022 season we can start looking ahead and projecting how the Bolts will do with a new-look roster that has been built with an aggressive offseason.

The highlight of the offseason is obviously the big moves that the LA Chargers made, such as trading Khalil Mack, signing J.C. Jackson or re-signing Mike Williams. However, the team was very active this offseason and there are moves that are better and far more impactful than the common NFL fan may realize.

Here are the 4 most underrated moves by the LA Chargers this offseason:

1. Revamping the interior defensive line

Chargers fans certainly know how impactful these additions are to the team but casual fans may not realize just how important this is to the Chargers. Adding two run-stuffers in Austin Johnson and Sebastian Joseph-Day is exactly what the Chargers needed to do as it gives the team a presence inside that they simply did not have last season.

Oh, and let's not forget that Khalil Mack is one of the best EDGE players in the league when it comes to stopping the run.

The Chargers simply could not play the style of defense that Brandon Staley wanted to play and has thrived with before and a big reason why was because of the team getting torched on early downs in the run. The Bolts were one of the worst third-down teams in the league last season as it was not hard to convert constant third and twos against LA last season.

Johnson and Joseph-Day may not be big names to common NFL fans but they are going to be hugely impactful names for Chargers fans in 2022.