Chargers offensive linemen take no breaks with insane offseason workout videos

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The root of the LA Chargers' success in 2024 is the offensive line's success. While Justin Herbert is the engine that drives the entire franchise, the offensive line is the necessary maintenance that must be done on that engine for it to run in the first place.

Herbert can take the team farther than most without a good offensive line but the story never ends well. The star quarterback either gets hurt (like last season) or the Chargers are limited in how far they can advance with no offensive line to run behind.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh recognizes this and has made it a priority for the Bolts this offseason. The Chargers passed on the opportunity to draft standout wide receiver Malik Nabers to instead take Notre Dame's Joe Alt. Los Angeles is even running out Trey Pipkins at right guard as he gives the team the best five-some to protect Herbert.

Those in the offensive line room are doing their part as well. These players are continuing the standard Harbaugh has established, putting in work during the team's summer break that is not necessary. Just look at first-round picks Rashawn Slater and Zion Johnson, who are literally pushing trucks around this summer.

Chargers' offensive linemen look like machines ahead of the 2024 season

Pushing around trucks does not make someone a great offensive lineman but this is still something fans should love to see. Slater and Johnson are putting in the work and look like absolute monsters while doing so.

This continues what has been a great offseason for Johnson. After two disappointing seasons where Johnson did not live up to his first-round tag, he came into Chargers camp looking like a completely different person. It is clear he has been putting in the work.

This is also a big season for Slater. Fans know Slater has an All-Pro season but he has been unable to build on his strong rookie campaign. Slater played just three games in 2022 and was not completely himself in 2023 as he played through injury.

This is Slater's fourth season in the league, meaning it is time for him to sign a new extension. The Chargers have the benefit of his fifth-year option for the 2025 season but Slater and his camp will want a new, lucrative contract. If Slater is going to max out his earnings he is going to need a strong season in 2024.

Pushing trucks around does not guarantee anything but it is exactly what fans should be looking to see at this point in the summer. Hopefully, it pays off.