Chargers fans are going crazy over jacked photos of Zion Johnson

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Chargers' executive director of player performance Ben Herbert is taking the football world by storm. Herbert was someone from the Michigan staff that Jim Harbaugh brought to Los Angeles with him and he might be the most impactful hire Harbaugh made, including the coordinators.

Herbert has been responsible for building up the Michigan program that just won a National Championship and his comments to the media have made the rounds due to his insight and intense nature. For a franchise that has always been injury-prone, getting someone who takes his craft so seriously is the biggest blessing imaginable.

It is safe to say, knowing Herbert's track record, that the Chargers are going to get stronger and more durable with him running the show. Some players on the team have seemingly gotten a head start on this process, including third-year guard Zion Johnson.

Johnson hadn't even worked out with Herbert before April 1 but he already looks to be in much better shape than he was to end last season. The pictures of Johnson arriving to the Chargers' facility were legitimately jarring, and have fans going crazy about what it could mean for the rest of the roster.

Zion Johnson is a huge component to the Chargers' success in 2024

Seeing Johnson in such great shape this early in the process is fantastic news for the Chargers. He obviously has been putting work in during the offseason and with the guidance of Herbert, he can put himself in the best position to succeed physically.

Johnson is entering his third year in the league and it has not really clicked for the first-round pick. While Johnson has had flashes of true potential, he has had more mistakes that have often come in the worst spots. After two years, the verdict is still out on whether or not he can be a quality starter long-term.

The Chargers are going to undergo a shift in offensive philosophy that results in a better run game to put Justin Herbert in a position to succeed. If the Chargers are going to execute Greg Roman's vision of the offense then they are going to need their starting guards to pull their weight.

With Johnson on the left side next to Rashawn Slater, some truly special things can happen for the Chargers if he has a third-year breakthrough. The left side can become the Chargers' dominant side and can be what the Chargers ride to get the run game going to later open up the pass game.

Of course, physical traits alone are not enough to be successful in the NFL and Johnson has to back it up with his fundamentals as well. But if he has put in the work to look this good in April, then just imagine the work he has been doing on his game.