Chargers' latest interviewee may hint towards home-run OC hire

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The LA Chargers are in the process of finding an offensive coordinator to replace Joe Lombardi. After the offense put up impressive numbers in 2021, the holes in Lombardi's scheme became all too apparent in 2022 as the team struggled way more than any Justin Herbert-led team should.

This gives the Chargers the best coordinator opening in the entire league and while they were denied by one potential interviewee, most candidates will be clamoring for this job. If it is between taking this job and the New York Jets' job, the Chargers will win every single time.

Los Angeles isn't just filling a vacant offensive coordinator job. The team also has to replace Shane Day, who was let go from his pass game coordinator/QBs coach position. Whoever the team hires to replace Day will be in conjunction with the offense coordinator hire and we may already have a strong candidate.

The Bolts requested to interview Vikings assistant QBs coach Jerrod Johnson for their vacant offensive coordinator position. While the report is about the OC position, this could be a sign that the Chargers are preparing to potentially hire a home-run OC and bring Johnson in with him.

Chargers interviewing Jerrod Johnson lays the groundwork for Frank Reich.

The jump from assistant QBs coach to offensive coordinator is a large one and may not be the most realistic for Johnson. Jumping from assistant QBs coach to pass game coordinator and QBs coach under Reich certainly is realistic and could be something that happens.

Johnson checks multiple boxes that seemingly are important to the Chargers. He coached under Kevin O'Connell (former Rams offensive coordinator) this season while also spending one season under Kyle Shanahan in 2017. More importantly, he spent three seasons under Frank Reich on the Indianapolis Colts' staff from 2019 through 2021.

That connection to Reich (as well as being part of the McVay/Shanahan coaching tree) knocks out two birds with one stone for the Chargers. They could potentially get the more experienced OC in Reich while still bringing in that McVay/Shanahan flavor that Brandon Staley loves.

This could be an excellent opportunity for Johnson as well as his path to offensive coordinator would be paved. Reich won't last long as the OC if he does his job well and will get another head coaching job in the near future. The understanding could be that the team brings in Johnson as Reich's right-hand man that eventually takes over once Reich leaves.

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This is all conjecture but that would be the perfect way for the Chargers to make a home-run hire now while also setting up for the future.