Chargers news: Bolts get spurned by first offensive coordinator candidate

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings / David Berding/GettyImages

The LA Chargers fired Joe Lombardi on Tuesday and the team has wasted no time in trying to find a replacement offensive coordinator. With a long list of potential options, the Chargers have already started the interview process.

The first official name that has been tied to the Chargers is someone who does not have an interest in leaving his current position to join the Chargers. Los Angeles requested to interview Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Wes Phillips, who reportedly wants to stay with the Vikings.

The son of Wade Phillips, Wes Phillips comes from the coaching tree that Brandon Staley signaled interest in during his press conference on Wednesday. Phillips coached with Sean McVay in Washington before joining him on the LA Rams' staff.

Phillips then followed former Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O'Connell to Minnesota. Ironically enough, the Chargers requested to speak to O'Connell during the team's offensive coordinator search two years ago and were blocked by the Rams.

Wes Phillips choosing the Vikings over the Chargers is an odd move.

Wes Phillips would seemingly have a much better situation with the LA Chargers than he would with the Minnesota Vikings. Sure, the Vikings had a better regular season record, but they proved all of the fraud talk correct by losing to the New York Giants in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs.

Offensively, there is a lot more to work with in Los Angeles than in Minnesota. Sure, the Bolts do not have Justin Jefferson, but the difference in quarterback alone is massive and gives the Chargers' offense an exponentially higher ceiling.

Plus, Phillips is not even the one calling plays for the Vikings, O'Connell is. It is harder to raise your stock as an offensive coach that may eventually want to be a head coach when you are not even the one calling the plays. In LA, Phillips could have had the benefit of calling plays for one fo the best quarterbacks in the league.

It seems like it would have made the most sense for his career but alas, Phillips is loyal (to a fault) to O'Connell and the Vikings. The Chargers have plenty of other options and are not losing sleep over not getting the chance to potentially hire Phillips.