Chargers worst nightmare is Brian Flores going to Broncos as head coach

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The Monday after the regular season is often referred to as Black Monday in the NFL as it is the day that head coaches on the hot seat get relieved of their duties. While there are several fired head coaches that the LA Chargers could benefit from and hire for lesser roles, there is one fired head coach that could really hurt the team.

The Miami Dolphins fired Brian Flores on Monday in what was a shocking move for just about every NFL fan. Flores took over a Dolphins team that was projected to be the worst in the entire league in 2019 and turned them into a competitive football team. While the Dolphins have not made the playoffs, they have put together back-to-back winning seasons; doing so for the first time since the 2002-2003 seasons.

The main reason cited for Flores being fired was deteriorating relationships that he had within the organization. He obviously is a good head coach and for that reason, he is more than likely going to be considered for one of these vacant head coaching positions.

The one team that Charger fans should hope don't end up bringing in Flores is the Denver Broncos.

Why it would be a Chargers nightmare for the Denver Broncos to hire Brian Flores as head coach:

First of all, this would be an immediate upgrade from Vic Fangio. While Fangio has all the makings of being an elite defensive coordinator, some guys just are not meant to be head coaches in this league and he is one of them. He needed to hire a perfect offensive staff to carry him and he simply could not do that. Plus, his game-management skills were less than ideal.

Nobody can refute that the Broncos have a talented roster. They have a talented defense with an offense that has solid weapons and a decent offensive line. All the team was missing was the quarterback position and an above-average head coach.

Flores could check off the latter and could also bring in the former as well. The Broncos are undoubtedly going to be in the market for a quarterback this offseason and the early speculation is that they could go for the likes of Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson. Neither is a guarantee, though. Who knows what Rodgers does this offseason and Russell Wilson would cost a pretty penny, and quite frankly, has not played well recently.

Hiring Flores could open a new quarterback door, though: Deshaun Watson. Watson is reportedly going to get "clarity" on his legal situation soon and knowing how the NFL works, the second he gets clarity he will be back in action on the NFL field. This makes his return in 2022 seem likely.

Flores was a "significant" reason why Deshaun Watson wanted to be traded to the Miami Dolphins. Wherever Flores ends up could be the team that Watson really levies for in a trade and the Broncos are absolutely a team that would be willing to send the required assets to get Watson in a trade.

If Denver hires Flores then you almost have to expect this to happen. That would be talked about in the interview process and there would probably be an understanding between Flores and the Broncos brass that the team would want to bring Flores and Watson in as a package.

This would be a nightmare for the LA Chargers as they would now have to deal with two top-tier elite quarterbacks in their division and have to play them a combined four times a year. Yes, they have one of the best in Justin Herbert, but the 2022 opponents already look tough. They would be made even tougher if they had to play Watson twice a year.

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At this rate, the Chargers have to hope that the Broncos continue to strike out on these big-name quarterbacks and that Flores instead goes to a different team.