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5 players who just played their last game with the LA Chargers

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The LA Chargers lost to the Las Vegas Raiders in heartbreaking fashion in the last game of the 2021 season and with that, the Bolts' season is officially over. The loss was painfully poetic as well, as the Chargers made all the same mistakes before bringing the game back to overtime only to fall short.

There is a lot that needs to be fixed with this team. The foundation is there with Justin Herbert and Brandon Staley, even if some fans are mad at Staley for missing the playoffs. This offseason is extremely important as it will be the one that determines whether or not the Chargers can capitalize on the Super Bowl window that comes with Justin Herbert's rookie contract.

Who the Chargers draft and sign in free agency is not the only important thing this offseason. Equally as important is who the team parts ways with. Some are free agents who the Chargers should absolutely not re-sign, others are players who will likely be let go of their contracts.

Overall, there are 5 players who likely just played their last game with the LA Chargers.

Before we dive into the players who won't be back, there are some frustrating players who will naturally return. Just about every fan is furious with Kenneth Murray and the way he played this season (and how much we played in Week 18). He isn't going to be let go because he is on a rookie contract and the Chargers aren't going to get anything for him via trade.

It makes no sense to let him go. The Chargers might as well keep him and hope he figures it out. He probably won't but the Chargers just need to not give him as big of a role. There are several players that fit that same billing.

Let's dive into the players, shall we?