Chargers potentially considering wild new uniform addition

The Chargers will try anything with their uniforms... except the alternate that fans actually want.
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The LA Chargers have one of the most iconic uniforms in the sport. The powder blue uniforms are known throughout not just the NFL, but all of American sports as one of the best uniforms that there is.

The Chargers re-branded the uniforms in 2020 after the move to SoFi Stadium and the response was extremely positive. That is hard to do in today's day in age when just about every change a team makes is met with ridicule. For the most part, the Chargers hit a home run.

Perhaps the team got a bit too confident in itself, though, as it appears that the Bolts are at least considering some kind of addition to the uniform rotation in the future. In a survey sent out to season ticket holders, the Chargers very obviously were trying to gauge the interest in a unique uniform combination.

Chargers flirting with all-black alternate uniforms.

All black, eh? While the response from fans seems to mostly be positive about this idea, it would be a strange addition to the uniform rotation. After all, black is not one of the team's primary or secondary colors and has never really been used in a jersey before.

What makes this potential addition even crazier is the fact that the Chargers have such an easy uniform addition that they can make that will be received well by everyone. Chargers fans have been clamoring for the team to introduce an alternate navy helmet similar to the ones that the team used to wear. That is all the team needs to do. There is no need for the all-black uniforms.

But hey, in today's sports world a team always has to stand out, especially a team like the Bolts that is trying to build up the fanbase in LA. If this converts more Los Angeles fans to Chargers fans and sells more jerseys then it will be considered a success by the franchise.

But do we really need to see the Chargers wear all black when they already have an all-navy uniform combination that is arguably the least popular of the bunch? Probably not. But hey, at least it isn't all-yellow.