Why the Chargers need to fire general manager Tom Telesco

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3. The collapse of the 2021 season is a recent and direct example of Tom Telesco's failures

If we want extremely recent demonstrations of Telesco’s incompetence look at the team this season. Their season essentially ended on the failure of the run defense to stop Josh Jacobs in an obvious running situation. The same run defense that wasn't addressed at the trade deadline, in the offseason, or at any point in Telesco's tenure.

Failing to acquire players that fit Staley’s defensive schemes, and his inability to load the roster with depth has massively cost this team. Look at the Chargers' recent game against the Chiefs on Thursday Night Football with the AFC West on the line. Any sort of injuries in the secondary, and the ceiling caves in on them. The same applies to the embarrassing defeat in the Texans game.

Any type of injury or COVID-related depletion results in the Chargers turning into a varsity football team. Competent franchises with competent GMs can account for and ensure these situations never arise. Look at Baltimore for example, the most injury-depleted team in the league, yet they still remained competitive to the end, having pummeled the Chargers along the way.

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The free pass given to Tom Telesco by a chunk of the fanbase and a large portion of the media is detrimental to the franchise. Despite whatever people want to say, the end of the 2021 season should be enough evidence to show that Tom Telesco is not suited and shouldn’t be trusted to lead the Los Angeles Chargers to the promised land.