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5 upcoming Chargers free agents that absolutely must be re-signed

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The LA Chargers season ended much sooner than any fan wanted it to end and as a result, we turn our focus to the offseason and analyze how this team can improve for the 2022 season. This team has serious potential with a strong foundation and must build on it in what will be the most important offseason in recent franchise history.

The Chargers have the second-most cap space in the league heading into the offseason and coming with that is a long list of upcoming free agents. Some players have ultimately played their last game with the Chargers and for the better. Others, however, should be brought back at all costs.

5 LA Chargers free agents that must be re-signed at all costs this offseason

1. Kyzir White

Kyzir White had a breakout year in Brandon Staley's first season with the team. Before the year, us fans were theorizing about what players could take that next step in Staley's offense and there were two players who really stood out: White and Nasir Adderley.

It could not have come at a better time for White as he did so in a contract year to up his value. Before this season, the Chargers probably could have re-signed him on a miniscule deal. Now, he is definitely going to have suitors on the open market and the Chargers are going to have to compete.

The Chargers are a bit lucky that he was snubbed of a Pro Bowl nod because just that optic alone would have made it easier for teams to pay White more than they would otherwise. It sounds trivial, but it absolutely plays a part in his market price.

White is not going to get a massive contract but the Chargers are still going to have to pay a decent amount for him. Last year's linebacker market was horrible and White should get something between what Nick Kwiatkowski and Cory Littleton got two offseasons ago. A three-year, $25 million deal sounds around market value.