3 moves Chargers must make to reach next year's Super Bowl

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2. Draft Malik Nabers to give the Chargers receiver room a boost

Here it is. I still personally have all the faith in the world in Quentin Johnston. Even with that said, the Chargers need to go out and draft LSU receiver Malik Nabers with the fifth overall pick in the 2024 Draft. Yes, Brock Bowers may be a "Harbaugh guy" as people seem to think. However, the team cannot spend a premium pick on the tight end position. Jim Harbaugh made the 49ers work with Vernon Davis.

If the Chargers do not take Malik Nabers, they will have to hope they can pick a diamond out of the rough in a later round, or else the team will be in serious trouble as it seems they have been time and time again when just a single receiver goes down.

While new strength and conditioning coach Ben Herbert should hopefully help to reduce the number of injuries the team faces, it is not a position the front office should feel comfortable being in if they got to see even just a little bit of the 2022 and 2024 Chargers teams.

The Chargers need to get an explosive player to capitalize off of what is hopefully a largely improved rushing attack. Opening up the play-action game and letting Herbert stretch the field will be much easier with another elite receiving option alongside Keenan Allen.

The likely departure of Mike Williams means the Chargers cannot afford to have zero depth at the position, and adding a star like Malik Nabers will go a long way toward bringing the Lombardi trophy to the Bolt Fam.