Newest Chargers player is bringing an extremely talented pet with him

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The LA Chargers made three impactful signings after the 2022 NFL Draft that was capped off with the team signing defensive lineman Morgan Fox. Fox spent the 2021 season with the Carolina Panthers and was familiar with head coach Brandon Staley, as Fox was on the Rams defense when Staley was the defensive coordinator in 2020.

From a football perspective, the signing makes a lot of sense. Fox, on paper, is essentially a slightly better version of Jerry Tillery. He can get to the passer and while run defense is not his strength, he has faired better than Tillery has. Defensive line depth is extremely important in the NFL and Fox adds a promising rotational pass-rush presence.

Fox is also bringing the most talented pet that any Chargers player is going to have on the team in 2022. Fox's French Bulldog Winston finished second in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which is the crème de la crème of dog competitions.

While this is undoubtedly a massive accomplishment for Fox and his pup, it might have been a slight disappointment with Winston coming into the competition as the top-ranked dog in the country. If there were betting lines he would have been the favorite, which is where the Chargers are hoping to be this upcoming season.

Morgan Fox was sure to show Chargers fans just how great his dog Winston is.

Fox was not actually at the event but he was sure to post on his Twitter account with pictures and updates of Winston. Any dog lovers that are reading this should beware, seeing Winston may create an overload of cuteness. I thought my wiener dog Maurice was handsome, but Winston might have him beat (Maurice doesn't know how to read, let's please keep this from him).

The next logical step for Winston as the LA Chargers compete to play in the Super Bowl is to dominate the Puppy Bowl. Winston would obviously be the front-runner for the MVP of that game and who knows if the Chargers were to make the Super Bowl Fox could have a huge game and compete with his dog for MVP honors.

This is definitely one of the most unique and interesting offseason storylines for the LA Chargers and Winston is probably going to be a topic of conversation for the Bolts during camp. We have seen before how Brandon Staley loves to incorporate film from other sports like basketball to get his message across.

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Perhaps during camp, he will show footage of Winston to hammer home to the team how a true winner carries themselves. Knowing Staley, he will find something to tie it into.