Chargers take two Texas prospects in Bijan Robinson-centric mock draft

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With less than 10 days to go until the 2023 NFL Draft, anticipation builds for one of the many names that the LA Chargers could select at pick 21. In that timespan, it's probably time to look at some rapid-fire snapshots of what draft classes centered around the Chargers' first-round pick could look like.

Bijan Robinson is a favorite of the fanbase for the pick at 21 if he is indeed available. There's some doubts about where or not he will be, but a slide due to positional value wouldn't be shocking even if the blue-chip talent is a top-three prospect in this class. Let's try to build a quality three-round class around the Texas superstar.

Building a three-round Chargers mock draft around Bijan Robinson:

With the 21st pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Chargers select:  Texas RB Bijan Robinson

Not a whole lot more can be said about Robinson than what has been said already. He's the most hyped running back prospect since Saquon Barkley went second overall to the Giants in 2018. In terms of stepping into the league and making an impact his rookie year, one may even have to go back to Ezekiel Elliott's 2016 campaign for a reference of what Robinson's potential production could be.

Robinson is only 21 years old which is notably young for a running back of his caliber entering the draft. He doesn't have significant mileage on compared to some other prospects. In his senior campaign, Robinson had 1580 yards on 6.1 per carry and averaged 16.5 yards per reception.

Robinson has drawn comparisons to LaDanian Tomlinson as a prospect but his style of play reminds me more of Reggie Bush with how smooth his movements are. The ability to change direction without losing speed in the slightest is nuts.

While it's possible for Robinson to be there at 21, he probably won't be there for the taking unless the Chargers want to trade up. But it's not inconceivable. The crazy thing about Robinson's draft candidacy is how much the NFL has changed.

If the Texas product was drafted five, ten, or fifteen years ago, there's no way we'd even be talking about him falling out of the top five. He's that good and if he's there at 21, Telesco might have to pull the trigger.