3 Chargers who could lose their job to young players this season

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Asante Samuel Jr.
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3. Michael Davis losing the CB2 job to Asante Samuel Jr.

On paper, it looks like there is room for both Michael Davis and Asante Samuel Jr. to start in the secondary for the LA Chargers. And quite frankly, the Bolts are probably at their best if Michael Davis plays well enough to comfortably be the CB2 and Samuel transitions into being a very over-qualified slot corner.

However, with the addition of Bryce Callahan to play in the slot as well as the draft selection of JT Woods to allow Derwin James to move more freely around the defense, it appears as if the Chargers are gearing up to play Samuel on the outside and kick Davis out to essentially be the CB4. He could play in the slot, in theory, but Samuel still seems on the path of getting more snaps in 2022.

This is a big fall from grace for Davis, who was the team's CB1 last season. While Davis was showing a lot of potential prior to the 2021 season he took a step back in Brandon Staley's system, showing that he is not a CB1 in this league.

Davis also is not a Staley guy, which could hurt his prospects of getting playing time. Samuel was drafted while Staley was around while Davis was brought in pre-Staley. Granted, he signed his new contract in the same offseason that Staley was hired but the head coach is still likely going to favor the younger player that he hand-selected.

This mostly depends on the kind of camp that Davis has. As it stands, this is more Davis's job to lose than Samuel's job to gain. If Davis can turn it around and play well then he will keep his job and the Chargers will have no problem playing Samuel in the slot.

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If not, we could see a season that is a precursor to Davis getting cut from the final year of his contract next spring.