Ranking the 5 biggest upgrades the LA Chargers made this offseason

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The LA Chargers had a fairly aggressive offseason as the front office correctly realized that it needed to capitalize on a Super Bowl window that exists with Justin Herbert on his rookie contract. With the way the team spent and made moves, it is not a stretch to call this the biggest offseason the franchise has ever had.

Now fans just have to hope that it is the most impactful offseason that the franchise has ever had because if so, that means the Chargers made a deep run towards the Super Bowl.

There were several areas of the roster that needed to be upgraded from last year's team and for the most part, the Chargers did upgrade those areas. Some areas were not even pressing needs but still received large upgrades.

Here are the five biggest upgrades the LA Chargers made, ranked.

5. Signing Gerald Everett to replace Jared Cook

I know that Gerald Everett is not a big-name tight end and he is not considered to be in the class of tight ends that can be true game-breakers. That being said, Jared Cook proved to hinder the team later in the season in 2021 and Everett is going to be a massive improvement from that.

Not only that, but Everett is still one of the fastest and most athletic pass-catching receivers in the NFL. Cook used to be in that same boat but is not the same with his age. It is safe to say that Everett is far more explosive than Cook is.

Just imagine the things Everett can do in this offense with all of the emphasis that the Chargers put on the tight end position. If Everett gets as many targets as Cook did last season he is going to put up great numbers and there is even the chance that he gets more targets as his athleticism causes him to get more separation and thus more chances.

I really do think that Everett is primed for a big season and who knows, by the time the 2022 season is over he could be one of the biggest steals from the 2022 offseason.