The 7 longest winning streaks in Chargers history

The Chargers have put together some pretty long winning streaks in franchise history.
San Diego Chargers vs Baltimore Ravens - October 1, 2006
San Diego Chargers vs Baltimore Ravens - October 1, 2006 / Al Messerschmidt/GettyImages

The LA Chargers may not have a Super Bowl to the team's name but there have still been plenty of great moments throughout franchise history. In fact, the Bolts have had some of the best teams in league history that failed to win it all and take home a Super Bowl.

With so much talent in franchise history, there have been some respectfully-long winning streaks that the franchise has put together. Unfortunately, fans have not seen a winning streak longer than five games since 2018.

All in all, the Chargers have put together seven separate winning streaks of at least eight games, which before 2021, was at least half a season. Some of the streaks, though spanned across two separate seasons.

7 longest winning streaks in Chargers history:

7. 1987 Chargers - 8 games

This is one of the most frustrating winning streaks on the entire list as all of these wins came in one season yet the Bolts still found a way to not make the playoffs at the end of the 15-game season.

After losing in Week 1, the Chargers would go on to win eight in a row to run the record up to 8-1. However, the team would lose the last six games of the season to miss the playoffs. There is a caveat in this winning streak as it came during the 1987 strike which resulted in three games being played by "replacement players". Those replacement players went 3-0.

6. 1992-1993 Chargers - 8 games

The 1992 Chargers finished on a seven-game winning streak to rally to an 11-5 record to make the playoffs. In fact, that Chargers team started the season with an 0-4 record, meaning that the team would finish 11-1 in its last 12 to make the playoffs.

The Bolts would win the opening game of the following season to extend the streak to eight before losing in Week 2. However, the Chargers would start another winning streak later that year.

5. 1993-1994 Chargers - 8 games

After losing the eight-game winning streak in Week 2 of the 1993 season, the Chargers started another eight-game winning streak by winning the last two games of the 1994 season.

Most of the games won in this streak were during the 1994 season as the Bolts won the first six games of the year. That Chargers team would go on to finish with an 11-5 record and make the only Super Bowl in franchise history.

4. 2004 Chargers - 8 games

After a nine-year postseason drought, the Chargers were able to put together an eight-game winning streak in the middle of the 2004 season to win the AFC West and make the playoffs. That Chargers team started 3-3 and the eight-game winning streak helped fuel the team to a final record of 12-4.

The Chargers would go on to lose to the New York Jets in the AFC Wild Card Round, 17-20. The Chargers also lost to the Jets in the regular season as well.

3. 2006-2007 Chargers - 11 games

There is a big jump here as the Chargers have never had a winning streak end at nine or ten games. Instead, this winning streak spanned across two seasons and made up nearly three-quarters of an old 16-game NFL season.

If the playoffs counted then this winning streak would not make the cut as the team lost in the 2006 playoffs to the New England Patriots. Before that, the 2006 Chargers won the last 10 games of the 2006 season to carry a winning streak into 2007 that was only extended to 11.

2. 2009 Chargers - 11 games

This is tied for the longest winning streak in franchise history that was in just one singular season. After starting with a 2-3 record, Norv Turner's Chargers went on to win 11 games in a row to make the playoffs and secure a first-round bye in the playoffs.

That Chargers team would go on to lose in the playoffs to Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets.

1. 1960-1961 Chargers - 15 games

The longest winning streak in franchise history started in the first year of the franchise's existence. The winning streak started in Week 12 of the 1960 season with the team winning the last four games (before losing in the playoffs).

That carried over into 1961, when the Chargers won 11 games in a row to start the season. That is the best start to a season that the franchise has ever had. That Chargers team didn't win a single game in the playoffs.