Chargers' Breiden Fehoko blasts 'bum' analyst for low blow at Justin Herbert

Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts
Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

A lot of things went wrong for the LA Chargers in the Wild Card Round against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Chargers fans have seen this story time and time again and it was insane watching it slowly unfold from the end of the second quarter to the final whistle.

From a botched end-around on third down, to a questionable Joey Bosa penalty, to a costly (avoidable) Joey Bosa penalty, to a missed field goal, to allowing a big run on fourth and one with the game on the line. The Chargers allowed the third-largest come-from-behind victory in NFL history and it was ugly.

Brandon Staley's job security has rightfully been questioned after this loss. While he was not the one blowing coverages or missing field goals, allowing this kind of loss in a playoff game falls on the head coach every single time.

One person that shouldn't get much blame for this game is Justin Herbert. Let's not pretend like Herbert was perfect, because he wasn't, but he was put in tough spot after tough spot (with little help from his play-caller) and he battled. After all, he is the reason why the Chargers are here in the first place.

Yet for some analysts that are looking to get engagements, Herbert becomes the low-hanging fruit because he is the quarterback and is the biggest name on the team. This time, though, Breiden Fehoko was not going to let the ridiculous low blows on his quarterback go uncontested.

Ouch. There really is not much more we can add to the conversation. We don't like giving Acho the engagement that he is seeking with his outright wrong Herbert takes, but this was too good by Fehoko to ignore.

Justin Herbert deserves better from the LA Chargers.

That probably has to be the main takeaway from this game. Justin Herbert deserves a more experienced head coach that knows how to win, a play-caller that actually plays to his strengths, some actual wide receiver depth, and his wide receivers to be healthy after playing in a meaningless Week 18 game; it goes on and on.

Justin Herbert is this franchise. This team will go as far as Herbert can take him and we all know that Herbert has what it takes to be a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. He just needs the right support system around him to create that winning culture.

Chargers fans already had to watch one Hall of Fame quarterback get his career wasted with little team success because of bad management. The last thing fans want to see is that happening to Herbert.

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It is still very early in Herbert's career and he has already accomplished so much. Hopefully, this can just end up being a speed bump on the way to the top.