Is Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert vaccinated?

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The LA Chargers will go as far as Justin Herbert will take them and any time that Herbert potentially misses is bad for the Bolts' bid at the AFC West crown this season. Every single game matters.

The last thing that the Chargers want is to lose Herbert in a big game against a big-time opponent like the Green Bay Packers are losing Aaron Rodgers against the Kansas City Chiefs. Rodgers tested positive for covid-19, prompting Jordan Love to get the start.

Many previously believed that Rodgers was vaccinated after he told reporters that he was immunized before the season. However, Rodgers revealed on the Pat McAfee show that he is allergic to an ingredient in the MRNA vaccines and did not want to take the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to concerns of bloodclots.

Regardless of personal stance on vaccinations, one thing is for certain: being vaccinated provides a massive competitive advantage in the NFL. Not only are vaccinated players less likely to test positive for covid-19, but their requirements to return to action are much more lenient than un-vaccinated players.

Vaccinated players do not need to quarantine if they are a close contact with someone who tested positive and can shorten the time they are out. All vaccinated players need to do is produce two negative tests that are at least 24 hours apart.

With everything surrounding Aaron Rodgers, this raises the question:

Is Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert vaccinated?

Yes, Justin Herbert is vaccinated. Herbert confirmed his vaccination status during the preseason at a time when the Chargers were one of the lowest vaccinated teams in the league.

Herbert perhaps also had a hand in getting the vaccination rate on the Chargers up to a higher level. Herbert majored in Biology from the University of Oregon and would answer any questions that teammates had for him and his vaccination status.

This does not completely take away the risk of the Chargers losing their quarterback in a big game, but it does reduce the chances and increases the chances of Herbert returning to action if the test is caught quickly enough.

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Justin Herbert has done a bit of carrying this season with the Chargers and if they had to play a big regular-season game or even a playoff game with Chase Daniel under center then they would be in serious trouble. So the fact that Herbert is vaccinated is great news.