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4 most disappointing trades in LA Chargers history

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The NFL trade deadline has come and gone and to the dismay of fans, the LA Chargers have not made a move. Despite having a roster that is talented enough to make a deep run in the playoffs with certain holes that could have been filled, the Chargers decided to stand pat.

This is not a huge surprise considering that general manager Tom Telesco is not known for being the most aggressive GM that there is. He has not made very many in-season trades and of the ones that he has made he has only traded for a player once.

Perhaps Tom Telesco does not want to add to the most disappointing trades in franchise history list. There are four trades, in particular, that stand out.

The four most disappointing trades in LA Chargers history:

4. Ron Mix to Raiders (un-retire jersey)

This trade does not really have anything to do with the Chargers getting a disappointing return in the trade, which is the case with the rest of the trades on this list. This trade caused one of the greatest players in Chargers history to not get honored by the team.

Mix is arguably the greatest offensive lineman that has ever played for the Chargers and is one of the greatest offensive linemen of all time. Mix was on the Bolts from 1960 to 1969 and picked up eight Pro Bowl and nine All-Pro nods in those 10 seasons.

Mix is enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

So why is this trade disappointing? Mix retired because of injuries after the 1969 season. Mix got his number retired for his contributions to the team and sat out for an entire year. Mix wanted to return to the Chargers after the 1970 season but the Bolts had no place for him on the offensive line, so they traded him.

The Chargers got a pretty good return for one year of Mix (two draft picks) but it came with an extra price. As the story goes, then-owner Eugene Klein hated the Raiders and did not want a Raider to have his number retired with the Chargers... even though the Chargers were the ones who traded him there!

Somehow, someway, his no. 74 still has not been re-retired by the LA Chargers, which is absolutely absurd.