Chargers' Justin Herbert makes his most insane pass yet (and is called the wrong name)

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Herbert had a quiet game in Week 1 under new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Moore and the Chargers were trying to establish the run and capitalize on a bad run defense in Miami. It worked, as the offense was able to put up 34 points in the loss.

Facing off against one of the best run defenses in the league that has a bad secondary behind it, fans were expecting a big game out of Herbert in Week 2. With Austin Ekeler out, Herbert and the passing offense was going to have to put together a complete game to give the Chargers a chance to win.

Herbert has certainly taken that challenge head-on and produced arguably the most insane touchdown pass of his career. You could make a feature-length film out of Herbert's highlight throws and this one might just top them all.

Chargers' Justin Herbert make insane touchdown pass, gets called Ryan Tannehill in the process

The funniest part about this highlight clip is that Herbert was incorrectly called Ryan Tannehill by the announcing crew. Mistakes happen, we are all human, but this is a highlight that is going to live on for years and in all of those replays Herbert is going to be called the wrong name.

Sure, they are playing each other, but Herbert is nothing like Tannehill. There is no chance in the world that Tannehill would make a play like this with that kind of pressure in his face. He would have taken the sack right away.

Making the play even more absurd is the fact that two different penalties could not stop the Chargers from scoring. Herbert's face-masked was grabbed and pass interference was called as Keenan Allen went up for the pass. There was also a potential roughing the passer that could have been called after Herbert flung the pass. All of that was not enough.

Chargers fans already know how special Justin Herbert is and if he keeps making plays like this he is going to remind the rest of the league that he really is out of this world.