Yet another disappointing clip of Chargers' Joey Bosa emerges from 49ers-Eagles

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Chargers were knocked out of the playoffs in the Wild Card Round but that did not stop Joey Bosa from going to NFL playoff games. Bosa showed up to Santa Clara to support his brother in the San Francisco 49ers Divisional Round Game against the Dallas Cowboys and then traveled all the way to Philadelphia to watch the NFC Championship Game.

Fully decked out in 49ers gear to support his brother, Joey Bosa made bigger headlines before the game than his brother did during the game. Bosa got into an NSFW altercation with an Eagles fan before the game in what was simply a bad look for Bosa and the Chargers.

It didn't stop there, though, as Bosa continued to beef with Philly fans inside the stadium during the game. A new clip of Bosa arguing with Eagles fans has emerged and while you cannot hear exactly what Bosa is saying, it is clear that yet another fan got under his skin. Maybe he called this fan broke too.

Chargers fans should be disappointed with Joey Bosa.

There is nothing wrong with going to support your brother (some fans even complained that Bosa was wearing 49ers gear, which really is not a big deal) and even defending your brother, to a certain extent. However, what Bosa did in the two viral clips is pretty disappointing for Chargers fans.

All this showcases is that Bosa has incredibly thin skin. Heckling is a part of every sport and even if it is not justified, snooping down to the fans' level and getting into a verbal altercation with them is literally just playing into what they want.

Bosa has to read the room and having this happen after he arguably cost the Chargers the Wild Card Round because he wasn't able to contain his emotions is a terrible look. First, he spikes his helmet and sets up the Jaguars to go for two, then he goes to Philly and gets in an immature war of words? How can Chargers fans be confident he won't repeat his actions against the Jaguars in another big game in the future?

Joey Bosa doesn't need to be punished or get a talking-to from his team but it does not change the fact that it is disappointing to see this kind of behavior from someone who is a key cornerstone of the franchise.

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Does Bosa even care if Chargers fans are disappointed? Definitely not. Let's just hope he is able to contain his emotions a bit better next time the Chargers are in a big game.