Chargers take a leap of faith by drafting Tarheeb Still: Grade and analysis

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The LA Chargers landed three starting-caliber players in the first three rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft and have started the third day of the draft off in surprising fashion. Los Angeles didn't go with a cornerback in the fourth round of the draft, taking Justin Eboigbe instead, and then took a corner that was unexpected in the fifth round.

The Chargers selected Maryland corner Tarheeb Still in the fifth round. This is the pick that the Chargers got in return for the trade-up for Ladd McConkey on day two. Moving down 27 spots may have had a difference on the quality of cornerback the Chargers got, as several more prominent corners went between the 110th and 137th pick.

Trading up for McConkey was still worth it because of how much he will impact the offense next season. That being said, it is not a hot take to say that the Chargers got a lower-tiered cornerback in the fifth round than if they had the 110th pick.

Chargers draft grade for Tarheeb Still pick: C-

This ultimately comes down to coaching as the Chargers are betting on Jesse Minter and his staff getting the most out of Tarheeb Still. Still did have good production in college, even if his athleticism doesn't jump off the tape. The hope is that his production translates to the NFL.

It will take time, though, and that is usually the case with fifth-round picks. It is unfair to expect a fifth-round pick to be some immediate star on the defense and that is important to remember when grading these picks.

That being said, the fit is a bit odd for the Chargers considering what they already have. Still projects to be forced into the slot in the NFL and likely won't offer much outside support. That is not what the Chargers need, as the cornerbacks on the Chargers' roster are all better in the slot.

Asante Samuel Jr and Deane Leonard can play outside, but both are suited better as nickel corners. J.T. Woods definitely should be staying in the slot and while Kristian Fulton does have outside versatility, he was one of the worst cornerbacks in the entire sport last season.

The Chargers may have been better off taking one of the corners in the fourth round and waiting for the fifth round to take a defensive lineman. It would be surprising if Still was the plan all along as the Bolts may have ended up settling after the run on corners in the fourth.

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