3 huge surprises the Chargers could pull off during 2023 NFL Draft

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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2. Chargers trading up in the first round

Most fans would probably agree that trading down in the 2023 NFL Draft is far better than trading up and any pitches for the team to move up in this year's draft have been met unfavorably by the fanbase.

Just because trading down is the far more logical move for the fanbase does not mean that is ultimately what the team will do. After all, Tom Telesco has never traded down during his tenure with the team but he has traded up in the first round two times.

Will the Chargers be pounding the table to trade up at every turn? Probably not. But if there is a prospect that is graded really high on the team's internal board that falls to an obtainable selection then we could see LA get aggressive and trade draft capital to move up.

For example, let's just say someone like Tyree Wilson ends up falling to the 14th overall pick. Wilson is projected to be a top-10 pick and ranks seventh on the Consensus NFL Draft Big Board. But, with quarterbacks being taken and other positions of need, someone like Wilson could fall. We see it every single year and there is at least one big surprise.

At that point, maybe the Chargers jump in and ship an extra pick to the New England Patriots, who are always looking to trade down it seems, to land a top-10 prospect when the team never thought it had any chance of doing so.

It is unlikely and it would not be met favorably by some fans but that is why it would be a surprise in the first place.