3 Chargers on the hot seat heading into Week 3 vs Jaguars

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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3. Sony Michel

Some people would put either Josh Palmer or Jalen Guyton here before Sony Michel but I do not agree. While Palmer has been disappointing, you can tell that Keenan Allen getting hurt has impacted his role in the offense and with two games in four days, it was hard for the team to fully adjust to that reality.

Guyton, meanwhile, simply has not played much for the Chargers and that really is not his own doing. He cannot contribute as a deep vertical threat if the team is not giving him snaps in the offense despite him being the only speed option.

Michel, meanwhile, has not been as good as Chargers fans would have hoped. While it was a savvy move to bring the veteran back in, we here at Bolt Beat did stress to exercise caution as Michel has not been very good in his NFL career.

The results in two games leave a lot to be desired. Granted, he is a part of a running back rotation so his role is not massive, but he still has not done much in his chances. Michel is averaging only 2.3 yards per carry, which simply is not going ot cut it.

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Michel has been a good pass-blocker for the Bolts, which definitely is a positive, but he still looks like the worst member of the three-man running back rotation in LA. With fourth-round pick Isaiah Spiller still waiting in the wings, Michel has to feel his seat heating up.