Chargers should seriously consider Odell Beckham Jr. this season

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams
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The LA Chargers are coming off of the most aggressive offseason in franchise history and thus far the results have been good for the team. While the Bolts are 1-1 through two games, this is a Chargers team that looks far more talented than last season that legitimately looks like a Super Bowl contender.

The Chargers outplayed the Chiefs for 80% of the Thursday Night Football matchup between the two AFC West foes. One mistake from Justin Herbert and the offense, as well as the refs robbing the Chargers of multiple interceptions, swung the game.

The one thing that fans are perhaps the most upset with at this point in time is the pass-catchers. While Keenan Allen and Mike Williams are great, Josh Palmer has not been good to start the year and Jalen Guyton is M-I-A. Like last year, the Chargers are lacking a speed dynamic that would really put this offense over the top.

That is why the Chargers should be in the market for Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. is by no means a speed menace but he is someone who can create separation at the line of scrimmage and could play either out wide or in the slot for the Chargers. As much as we love Palmer here at Bolt Beat, adding a dynamic veteran like Odell would yield nothing but positive results.

We saw the kind of impact that Beckham had on the LA Rams last season. The Rams had a problem with their pass-catchers as it was Cooper Kupp and then everyone else. Odell came in and became a very important second weapon for Matthew Stafford to throw to and it added a new wrinkle to the offense.

Odell does not need to be the prime version of himself nor does he need to put together elite numbers. But having another option that is experienced and can be a reliable third-down target would be massive for the Bolts. The Chargers' over-reliance on Allen in third-down situations will hold the team back.

Beckham tore his ACL in the Super Bowl and there is still some time until he is going to be 100% and ready to go. Once he is, though, the Chargers should be among the teams that are looking to bring him in. They can easily maneuver the roster to fit him, whether that be by waiving Jalen Guyton or waiving someone else to carry a sixth receiver.

And for Odell, the Chargers have to be one of the most enticing potential destinations in the league. He gets to stay in sunny Los Angeles and play for a fun, exciting team that will contend for a Super Bowl.

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Catching passes from one of the best quarterbacks in the league in Justin Herbert isn't so bad, either.