Chargers all but confirm Greg Roman's role with latest coaching hire

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Greg Roman emerged as a favorite to join Jim Harbaugh on the LA Chargers coaching staff as soon as Harbaugh was hired by the team. Roman was Harbaugh's offensive coordinator on the San Francisco 49ers and was most recently the offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens from 2019-22.

There was some concern with Roman being a candidate for the vacant offensive coordinator position. While Roman undoubtedly can turn the running game around, he has not been great as a play-caller and his offensive style does not fit Justin Herbert. Chargers fans rightfully wanted someone who could unlock Herbert in the passing game even further.

In a perfect world, the Chargers would hire Roman as a run-game coordinator and hire someone else to call the plays. When it was reported that Roman was hired on Sunday night with no designated role, many assumed that Roman would have that desired job.

However, while nothing is yet official, the Chargers have all but confirmed Roman's role based on other hires the team has made. On Sunday night it was also reported that Marcus Brady was hired to be the team's pass game coordinator. And on Monday, it was reported that Los Angeles hired Andy Bischoff to be the team's tight end coach and run game coordinator. That leaves just one position for Roman.

Chargers all but confirm Greg Roman will be the team's offensive coordinator

With the pass game coordinator and run game coordinator positions both being taken there is nowhere else left for Roman to coach. He is not going to be the team's quarterbacks coach and he is not going to take a lesser role than that.

By hiring these two lesser offensive positions, the Chargers are confirming that Roman is going to be the offensive coordinator. And with him, he is going to bring an offense that was so polarizing in both San Francisco and Baltimore.

If Roman brings the exact same offense to Los Angeles then it is not going to work out. The Chargers have to play to their strengths and there has to be some kind of adjustment that allows Herbert to be the superhuman quarterback that he is.

If Roman can make those changes while improving the run game then the Chargers could have the best offense in the sport. imagine an offense that can run the ball like the Ravens but still sling the ball with the quarterback who has the best arm talent in the sport. If Roman can maintain that balance, it will be near-impossible for defenses to stop the Chargers.

That is the glass-half-full outlook and it is the outlook that Chargers fans simply have to have. Chargers fans wanted Jim Harbaugh, so now they have no choice but to trust his hires.

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