5 free agents the Chargers could sign after the 2023 NFL Draft

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The 2023 NFL Draft is in the books and all things considered, it looks like the LA Chargers had a fairly solid draft class. It was not perfect but there is a lot to get excited about with the crop of rookies the team brought in.

Los Angeles did not address every single need in the 2023 NFL Draft and now Tom Telesco might turn to free agency to make some savvy additions. This is exactly what the team did last year when it signed Kyle Van Noy, Morgan Fox and Bryce Callahan after the draft.

The Chargers have the funds to realistically add another 2-3 veterans in key spots. Let's dive into five players that might make sense for the team, reserving just one player per position.

5 free agents the Chargers could sign after 2023 NFL Draft:

1. John Johnson

This is the most obvious of all the players on this list. The Chargers were previously connected to John Johnson this offseason as he checks multiple boxes for the team. He would add safety depth that is much needed after Nasir Adderley's retirement and he has previous experience with Brandon Staley.

The best year of Johnson's career, which got him paid by the Cleveland Browns, was when Staley was the defensive coordinator. Those days might be behind him but Johnson could really be an impact safety for this Chargers team that adds to the versatility of the secondary.

This makes so much sense both for the Chargers and for Johnson that it would be actually shocking if it did not happen. Heck, by the time you are reading this he might have already committed to the Bolts.