3 free agents that may follow Chargers' new coaches to LA

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WR Parris Campbell

It will be very interesting to see what the Chargers do at the wide receiver position this offseason. Keenan Allen has confirmed that he is staying on the team while Jim Harbaugh has all but confirmed with his silence that Mike Williams won't be in LA.

If Williams leaves then the Chargers will have a WR room consisting of Allen, Joshua Palmer, Quentin Johnston and Derius Davis. Allen is on the wrong side of 30, Palmer is injury prone, Johnston had an awful rookie season and Davis is a gadget player.

The Chargers need to add a receiver in the draft but even then the room is still only five deep. To craft a well-rounded room to best help Justin Herbert, the Chargers should also be bringing in a cheap WR on the open market. Enter Parris Campbell.

Campbell is coming off a bad season with the New York Giants where he did not factor into the offense at all. Because of that, Campbell is not going to get the pay day he wants and should be available on a cheap, one-year deal. That is perfect for the Chargers to swoop in and make a deal happen.

Campbell is still only 26 years old and has shown that he can produce at the NFL level. Injuries have slowed down his NFL career but in 2022 he managed to finish with 63 catches for 623 yards and three TDs. He can produce and would be a great depth option.

Jalen Guyton is likely off the roster and Campbell would be the perfect option to replace him with his 4.31 40-yard dash time. Campbell's connection to the coaching staff is through Marcus Brady, who is the team's pass game coordinator and may want to get his hands back on Campbell a second time around.