3 Chargers that could fall off the age cliff and regress hard in 2023

NFL players age quicker than any other athletes and these Chargers are in danger of regressing.
Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals
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NFL players age quicker than any other pro athlete in any other sport. Football is a game that not only takes elite athleticism but the ability to take physical punishment as well. It is a lot harder for a player in their 30s to take this punishment and we often see players fall off the regression cliff without warning. It could happen to several on the LA Chargers.

It is not a guarantee that each of these players are going to fall off the regression cliff. There are examples of players going against the trend by continuing to play at a high level even if they are battling their mortality in the game of football.

All that being said, don't be surprised if these Chargers end up playing much worse than expected in 2023.

3 Chargers that could fall off the age cliff in 2023:

1. Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack is the No. 1 candidate to regress heavily in 2023. Edge rushers do not always age gracefully in the NFL and we have already seen Mack start the downward trend in his career. Mack is entering his age 32 season in the league and while there are examples of pass rushers exceeding at this age, it is rather uncommon.

That being said, Mack still played well despite having limited help last season with Joey Bosa injured. If the Chargers can stay healthy on the defensive line then they don't need Mack to be elite and it will make his life easier as well.

But if too much is put on Mack's plate it could lead to disappointment as his best days as an edge rusher are probably behind him.