4 viable free agents still on the market with ties to the Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns
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4. RB Ezekiel Elliott

There is a common trend here among these four players. All four were released by their respective teams as cap causalities and that makes them much more appealing to the LA Chargers. The Bolts already might not get any compensatory picks since Drue Tranquill's contract with the Chiefs was so cheap but if he hits his incentives, they could get up to a sixth-round pick.

Los Angeles is not going to want to offset any of that by signing someone to a one-year deal when they could sign someone who was released instead. That is why Ezekiel Elliott might be more intriguing than some of the other running back options on the market.

Elliott's ties are not with Brandon Staley but are instead with offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, who is also left the Dallas Cowboys this offseason despite having a successful tenure with the team.

Fans may push back on Elliott because of his perception in the league. Elliott was extremely overpaid and that in turn led many fans to believe that he was completely washed and over the hill. While he definitely is not in his prime, he is still an effective back that can contribute if used in the right way.

Should the offense revolve around Elliott if the team brings him in to potentially replace Austin Ekeler? No. But could he be a really fun addition to play next to Ekeler or even the younger backs in the room? Absolutely.

The fact that the Chargers felt the need to sign Sony Michel last season should tell you everything you need to know about how the team views its internal running back options. If someone like Bijan Robinson doesn't fall to 21 then Elliott could be a possibility. If Ekeler is traded on top of that then it might be a guarantee.