Why Sebastian Joseph-Day should be the Chargers top priority in free agency

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3. Sebastian Joseph-Day has a skillset that no Chargers defensive linemen can provide

When adding talent to your roster through free agency, one of the main goals should always be to add talent and skillsets that your team needs and does not possess. A fairly simple concept on the surface, however one that Tom Telesco has failed to achieve consistently through his nine years as Chargers general manager.

The Chargers starting defensive linemen had their different areas of strength last year, but none of them offered what Joseph-Day can. Linval Joseph was a two-down run stuffer with no pass rush ability. Jerry Tillery is one of the league's worst IDL against the run, yet is solid rushing the passer.

Justin Jones is solid but not great at both stopping the run and rushing the passer. After showing large, unexpected signs of improvement in his seven games with the Rams this year as a pass rusher, Sebastian Joseph-Day offers what no other Chargers d-linemen can, and that's elite play stopping the run, and great work as a pass rusher. Joseph-Day can be played on all three downs, and in every game scenario, something the Chargers have not had in a defensive lineman for years.

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Acquiring someone like Sebastian Joseph-Day would do wonders in transforming the LA Chargers into a good defensive team, and would go a long way towards getting the team towards their ultimate goal of competing for a championship.