Projecting the 7 biggest contracts for LA Chargers free agents

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Mike Williams
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Mike Williams contract projection: Four years, $74 million ($44 million guaranteed)

Pro Football Focus actually projects Mike Williams to get a bit less than this but their projections are pretty interesting and should hold a grain of salt. PFF has Williams getting a four-year, $68 million contract and while they are in the right ballpark, Williams' agent really should be pushing for his client to get more than Kenny Golladay did last offseason.

That is the contract comparison that we used for this projection. Golladay got a four-year, $72 million contract with $40 million guaranteed from the New York Giants. The Giants did probably overpay Golladay (and it showed with his injuries) but Williams should still get slightly more than that. Williams' stock is higher now than Golladay's was last offseason.

This puts Williams at an average annual value of $18.5 million. In this hypothetical contract, the first two years of Williams' services would essentially be fully guaranteed, putting $37 million in his pocket in the first two years. Then, as we often see with contracts, the Chargers (or whoever signs him) could have an out after the 2023 season in which they take on a dead cap hit of $7.5 million to get off of Williams' deal.

Is Williams worth this price for the LA Chargers? Well, it all depends on what the team's plans are at wide receiver. If they are okay with franchise tagging him then they should just agree to this deal and move on. However, there is a chance they could go after Davante Adams or another Mike Williams replacement.