Projecting the 7 biggest contracts for LA Chargers free agents

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The LA Chargers have a long list of free agents this offseason with the second-most projected cap (that will go up once the team releases Bryan Bulaga). Some of these Chargers will be prioritized while the team should move on from others without a second thought.

The offseason is going to be a moving puzzle and perhaps the biggest component of the puzzle is how much these players sign for in free agency. The contract value of these free agents will determine if they stay in Los Angeles and just how much space the Chargers will have to spend on other free agents.

While there is a wide range of projections out there, we thought we would bring you contract projections for the seven-most expensive Chargers free agents this offseason. One thing to note before we just into it: Andre Roberts and Dustin Hopkins are not in these projections. While they are two of the most important free agents, they are special teams players that won't cost much.

Projections for 2 players who likely won't be back with the LA Chargers in 2022:

Two of the biggest free agents the LA Chargers have probably won't return to the team in 2022. However, because of their namesake, they will still likely get signed to one-year deals to help a new team as a grizzled veteran.

Chris Harris Jr: One-year, $3 million (Fully guaranteed)

Chris Harris Jr. was not good at all for the LA Chargers in 2021 but because of his namesake, there will still be teams willing to take a chance on him with a flier contract for a low value. If Harris wants to continue playing then he will be able to in 2022.

The comparison we used for this contract is Casey Hayward Jr. Hayward signed a one-year, $2.5 million contract with the Las Vegas Raiders last offseason. Harris' current value is very similar to that of Hayward, although his namesake (and a naturally higher cap) will net him an extra half a million.

Linval Joseph: One-year, $4.5 million ($3 million guaranteed)

You could certainly make the case for Linval Joseph retiring but if he wants to keep playing then he should be able to get a decent payday on a one-year deal. Joseph still has value as a rotational nose tackle that can help in running downs. He played really well in the first half of the season, which will get him his payday, but it is hard to see any team being willing to pay him for more than one season with how his season ended.